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My Top 3 Goals For 2021

How many people actually stick to their New Year‘s Resolution? Less than 10%. At the time of writing this google tells me it’s more like 8%. Not super surprising.

I’ve been around for over 30 years and every year, without fail, during the first few weeks of January all I hear on the radio is talk about how many people make New Year’s Resolutions and how many fail. 2020 was an especially tough year for most of us, so I decided that for 2021 I wouldn’t be making a “Resolution”. I figure that just by it’s nature of being a “Resolution” or something that I’m calling a “Resolution” I’d probably fail. So this year I decidead to create 3 goals that I wanted to accomplish. These are goals that align with either projects I’m currently working on or things I felt were lacking in 2020. The hope was that I would be motivated to push forward with them through 2021 based on all the changes we went through in 2020, kind of like using 2020 as the fire under my butt.

Goal #1: Grow my YouTube channel to over 25,000 subscribers

2020 was a pretty interesting year for me. Spending so much more time at home gave me the opportunity to double down on my YouTube channel. Throughout 2020 the channel grew by over 5,900 subscribers, 259,000 views, and over 2,700,000 impressions. Crazy right? I also had the opportunity to meet a bunch of people through the channel who were all trying to figure out how to make money on fiverr. Meeting them motivated me because a lot of people had really nice things to say about how helpful the channel has been. So for 2021, I set a goal of reaching 25,000 subscribers. Whether I make it there or not, it’s a goal, and having that goal in the back of my mind will help motivate me on those lazy weeks to put out content or do some content research for new videos.

Goal #2: Spend more time with family and friends in 2021

I think this one’s pretty obvious. 2020 was absolutely terrible in the friends and family department. Most of the time we were under lockdown, or quarantining with our significant others. Aside from some socially distanced gatherings that happened infrequently throughout the summer I didn’t get to see some of the most important people in my life as much as I would have liked. For 2021 I want to make a conscious effort to see more of them. Now this isn’t going to be a “quantifiable“ goal since there are factors that might influence exactly how many times I might be able to visit certain people, but it’s a goal. The goal is to see them more than I did last year, which shouldn’t be too hard.

Goal #3: Read 25 books

I love reading. With all the stuff I had going on in 2020 (doubling down on YouTube and fiverr related activities) I didn’t get to read as much as I would have liked. Reading is incredibly important, it relaxes me, I think it makes me smarter, and it’s just good for the brain. This year I want to read 25 books. I enjoy reading a lot of fantasy, but this year I want to mix things up a little bit. I’ll be trying to mix in some non-fiction as well. So far I’ve finished The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (one of my favourite authors), I Am Ozzy by Ozzy Osborne, and am currently working on Words Of Radiance (also by Brandon Sanderson). Throughout the year I’ll be putting up some book reviews and summaries on this website for anyone interesting in picking up some of the books that I recommend.


Who am I?

Mike Nardi is a freelance copywriter, YouTube content creator, and blogger. I make videos about fiverr, freelancing, and making money online. Visit me at: YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter

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