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Your Inbox is About to Get More Interesting!

Hello everyone!🙋‍♂️


If you’ve made it this far I’m assuming you’re at least somewhat interested in this newsletter. Well, honestly, you should sign up for it. It’s free, and it should serve as a helpful monthly update on all things “important” over the past month. I put important in little “Air Quotes” there because this newsletter is based on what I want to talk about— so “important” is relative. Business, fiverr, self improvement, fitness, books, I’m interested in a lot of stuff so there’s definitely going to be some variety!

You can sign up using any of the many “SIGN UP” forms you should see peppered throughout this site. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you!

Monthly Newsletter

Every month I write an email newsletter with some of my thoughts, things I’m working on, highlights of my posts last month, and as always tips to improve on fiverr and in other side hustles! It would be awesome if you joined!

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