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How I Started Selling On Fiverr

Not so long ago I started writing my first “novel”. I always find it awkward when a novice writer describes what he’s doing as “writing a novel” never having finished, let alone attempted to finish, a novel previously.

Anyways, a couple of years ago that’s exactly what I was doing. I was writing a story that I hoped would turn into something fantastic. It was a story about the future of Cryptocurrency, a dystopian world where the widespread adoption of Cryptocurrency was threatening to put big banks out of existence—pretty ambitious first story line, looking back I have no idea how I thought I could come full circle with that having absolutely no prior writing experience. Anyways, after about nine chapters the writing came to a screeching halt after I’d hit a rough patch of writers block.

(If you’re curious to see how far I got with Camp Crypto, that’s the name of my story, it’s published on Wattpad totally free)

So I tried to write something and it didn’t work out. No big deal. Because in failing to finish Camp Crypto I learned something very important that would change my idea of what it meant to be a writer. For me at least, the biggest hurdle to becoming a successful writer wasn’t being naturally gifted, or becoming a grammar master, or someone who memorized the elements of style. No, for me the biggest challenge that I needed to overcome to become a good writer was to get into the habit of writing a lot and writing often.

I realized that to become a better writer, I had to write a lot. Practice makes perfect, we’ve all heard it. And that’s what got me searching for ways that I could motivate myself to write daily without dropping the habit. After a lot of google searches and skimming through reddit, I found fiverr.

Fiverr became my reason to practice writing. Getting paid was an awesome motivator. Fast forward almost three years and I’ve probably written well over 1 million words. To put that into perspective the average fantasy novel is around 100,000 words. So I think that means I was successful in my mission to write more often. In the time that I’ve been writing on fiverr I‘ve written enough to finish almost 10 novels! Not too shabby.

Now, I’m at a place in life where I’m earning quite a bit of money as a writer. I’m no novelist yet, but the fact that I’ve been able to grow a $30,000+ per year income by forcing myself to learn how to write definitely gives me the confidence that I can complete a novel, just need to dedicate myself to the process!

That’s my story, thought it would be a fitting way to kick off this new blog! Catch you later!


Who am I?

Mike Nardi is a freelance copywriter, YouTube content creator, and blogger. I make videos about fiverr, freelancing, and making money online. Visit me at: YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter

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