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About Me

At the time of writing this I’ve been selling on fiverr for just over two years, and have been talking about fiverr on YouTube for about a year and a half! Crazy how time flies...

I’m a guy who’s spent the majority of my working career working in the technology industry as a sales person. I guess you could say that a background in sales might have helped me as a fiverr seller, but the reason I started on fiverr didn’t really have anything to do with wanting to sell. You see, for as long as I could remember I’ve aspired to be a writer. I love reading, and whenever I finish a juicy epic fantasy I just sit back and think about how awesome it would be to put out a piece of gold like some of the stories my favourite authors have written. It would literally be epic to create something that’s enjoyed by people for years to come. So I stumbled across fiverr as a tool to help motivate me to write more often, I figured that getting paid to write would be a great motivator... and here I am!

When the world isn’t completely shut down, I also enjoy travelling to new places and going to restaurants with my friends and family. I owe a lot to them, as they've been so good about me spending so much of my free time creating YouTube videos, websites, and completing fiverr projects. Although, I think they would agree that I do a pretty good job balancing it all! 😉

Projects That I’m Currently Working On:

1. Growing my 📺 YouTube Channel where I post videos to help people learn how to make money on fiverr.

2. Growing my fiverr copywriting business📈. I currently earn anywhere from $1500-$3000+ per month, and am always exploring ways to streamline and scale that business.

3. Living a more 🧘‍♂️ mindful and happy life. I discovered breathing exercises and meditation a few years ago, I’m slowly learning to practice these more regularly and approach life with a clear mind. The world we live in is so fast paced, mindfulness has really helped me put things in perspective and repair relationships that needed repairing.

4. Filling this website with articles about things that I’m interested in 💡. Side hustle, entrepreneurship, fitness, personal development, personal finance, whatever I think is interesting.

5. Becoming self sufficient. Having lived through 2020 and the pandemic 😷 , I witnessed people in my network and around the world losing jobs, houses, families as businesses tanked. This was a wake up call, so it’s been top of mind for me lately to create income streams that won’t go away if something world shaking happens again in the future.

Monthly Newsletter

Every month I write an email newsletter with some of my thoughts, things I’m working on, highlights of my posts last month, and as always tips to improve on fiverr and in other side hustles! It would be awesome if you joined!

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