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How to Start a Fiverr Business

In this post I’m going to list the steps you can take to start a fiverr business. Use this blog post as a checklist, a checklist that if you go through from start to finish you should be in a pretty good position to start making money on fiverr.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Also an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Explore Fiverr

The first thing you want to do is spend some time exploring fiverr. Especially if you’re brand new to this, you want to get a feel for what’s what. Try to get familiar with how the site works, how to navigate it, and most importantly the types of services people are selling on fiverr.

This step is especially important if you have little to no clue what type of service you want to sell yourself. Try to find freelancers who are selling services that seem interesting to you, make a shortlist, so that eventually you’ll be able to decide on the type of service you want to focus on.

2. Make Sure You Have The Necessary Skills

This one should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people message me confused that they aren’t making any money without selling anything based on their actual skills!

If you want to make money on fiverr you need to have a skill to sell. Assuming you’ve decided on something that you want to sell, you either have the skillset, or you don’t. If you do, great. If you don’t you’re going to need to acquire those skills somehow.

Depending on the skill you want to learn, there are probably a bunch of different options available to you to actually start learning.

Most accessible: YouTube courses (search for courses on what you want to learn, you’ll probably get hundreds of results).

Most streamlined: Structured courses (I always recommend Skillshare as a great low cost option to learn a new skill.

3. Create Your Fiverr Profile

Time to create your fiverr profile!

Before getting into the weeds with creating your fiverr profile I have one quick tip that‘s going to make things a lot better for you. Spend some time getting a nice, professional looking, headshot taken of yourself.

This doesn’t need to be a professional headshot taken by a pro photographer, it just needs to look professional. An iPhone camera is fine, just make sure that you are dressed well, standing in front of a clean background, and have good lighting on your face.

Trust me when I say this, spending a little bit of time getting a nice headshot will go a long way!

Once you have that it’s time to set up the standard profile stuff. Profile description, education, skills, notable clients, basically any relevant information you can fill out on the fiverr profile page should be included.

4. Create Your First Fiverr Gig

When creating your first fiverr gig there are a bunch of things to consider to ensure your gig performs as well as it should. I won’t go into all of those details in this post, you can check out my in-depth video on how to create a fiverr gig over on my YouTube channel.

You want to focus on a couple of main things when creating your gig title, thumbnail, description, and packages:

  • Make things as descriptive as possible in as few words as possible.

  • Use relevant keywords and keyword phrases (don’t spam a bunch of random keywords).

  • Make a thumbnail that you think would stand out in fiverr search and get people to click.

  • Have clearly defined packages, and a pricing model that makes sense.

5. Create 3 Different Gig Packages

When you create a fiverr gig you have the option of offering 1 package that people can purchase, or 3 different packages under the same gig.

Offering 3 different packages gives you the opportunity to work in volume discounts, upsell, and generally gives clients more choice when hiring you.

I’m of the opinion that if it makes sense you should probably offer 3 packages.

6. Create an FAQ Section for Your Gig

Including a list of commonly asked questions in the fiverr gig FAQ section is a great idea.

There are going to be times where people placed an order, and didn’t get all the information they needed in the gig description. Including an FAQ section helps you cover your bases and protects you in the event that a client was confused, or tries to get you to do something that wasn’t agreed on before starting the project.

Include things like your revision policy, what is included in a revision, how many revisions are included, how the final project will be delivered, and anything else that you think people might have questions about that weren’t already answered in your gig description.

7. Make Some Sales

Time to make some sales!

Don’t make the mistake that most newbie fiverr sellers make. They create their profile and gig and then kick their feet up and wait for something to happen!

The reality is that while fiverr is an amazing platform, with a lot of buyers and sellers, as a brand new seller it’s probably going to take quite a bit of time before you get any traffic organically. After all, why would the fiverr search algorithm recommend a brand new, unproven gig, over more experienced sellers?

This is why you need to be ready to make some sales. Time to pound the pavement!

Cold call, submit contact forms on prospective client websites, send out prospecting emails. Do what you need to do to get in touch with companies that might be interested in hiring you, and then pitch them your services once you get in touch.

Sales is what makes the world go round, don’t forget about sales with your fiverr business.

8. Learn and Improve

Once you start getting sales, it’s not the end of the road for you!

Succeeding on fiverr takes a lot of things, but one of them is the understanding that you should be constantly working on learning and improving. Your skills, how you handle client interactions, how you run your business, there are so many things you will be able to level up as you gain experience.

Keep a keen eye on the things you might be able to improve upon and your business will have a better chance scaling up!


Who am I?

Mike Nardi is a freelance copywriter, YouTube content creator, and blogger. I make videos about fiverr, freelancing, and making money online. Visit me at: YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter, VERO

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