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I Tried ChatGPT as a Copywriter

I tried ChatGPT. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!

ChatGPT has been blowing up lately, and from the beginning I've been a bit skeptical about a lot of the claims people were making about the tool. Lots of people say they are able to make money with ChatGPT, easy money.

So I did a little experiment and documented it on my YouTube channel, I tried ChatGPT as a tool to help me write viral blog posts in the hopes of making $485 through the Medium partner program.

Best part about this little experiment was that I tried to do it in the spirit of most people who attempt to make money online using AI. Think things like: low effort, easy, passive, on autopilot.

This was definitely a low effort attempt at making money with ChatGPT, low effort because that seems to be what people are all about these days....

Easy ways to make money online...

Anyway, those of you who follow me will know how I feel about taking the "easy" way and how realistic that is for most people. Seeing all these posts and videos motivated me to make one of my own, one that hopefully did a good job setting realistic expectations for people also looking to try ChatGPT for themselves.

Here's how my little experiment played out, it was pretty simple

  • I would use ChatGPT in combination with my skills as a copywriter (not being arrogant here, just figured I'd put in a LITTLE extra love into the content it produced to try to give it a fighting chance vs what I'm seeing in a lot of the other ChatGPT strategies out there).

  • I would use VidIQ and Google Trends to think of 8-10 blog post ideas that had the potential to go viral.

  • I would use ChatGPT to generate bulleted lists for each blog post.

  • I would review each list, rewording where necessary to try to make things sound more human.

  • I would write the rest of the blog. The blog title , short intro paragraph, and conclusion for each blog.

  • Post each post on Medium and hope for the best!

The goal of this experiment was to try ChatGPT to see what it was capable of producing for people looking to leverage it to make money online with minimal effort.

I spent about an hour using ChatGPT to generate the prompts to be used in the blog posts.

For the most part I'm pretty impressed with it's capabilities...

It's remarkable to be able to type in a simple question, one or two lines of text, and watch content appear on the screen.

Whether or not it's something that's going to totally change the game for content writing or copywriting is a different story though. I find that the content is often pretty vanilla, and often not as good as content I would expect from talented writers.

And I KNOW there are tons of people saying that you just need to learn a bit more about "prompt engineering" to get better results out of the tool.

I get that but I'm also of the mindset that, at least for right now, it's probably a lot easier to just write good copy yourself. That if you need to spend a whole bunch of time figuring out how to write prompts for an AI tool to generate text for you you might want to just spend the time working on your own writing skills.

I don't know, that's just my opinion.

As far as the little experiment went, I ended up posting 9 of the posts on Medium. After a few weeks they generated about 50 views total.

Kind of what I was expecting...

Anyway, if you're interested you can check out the full video. I included some screen shares of my super basic ChatGPT workflow.

Conclusion: I think ChatGPT is super cool. But I also think learning how to be a great writer is super cool, and probably a valuable skill we don't want to pass on to AI to take over anytime soon.


Who am I?

Mike Nardi is a freelance copywriter, YouTube content creator, and blogger. I make videos about fiverr, freelancing, and making money online. Visit me at: YouTube, Twitter, Newsletter

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