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Hello Hello! 🙋‍♂️

I’m Mike. I’m a freelance copywriter, 📺 YouTube content creator, experienced sales professional, and I guess now a blogger too! 😉

Over the past few years I’ve been growing a freelance 💻 copywriting business on fiverr. I’ve gone from slinging $5 emails for people, to the point where I’m at now, earning anywhere from 💸$1500-$3000+💸 per month selling various copywriting, sales, and marketing type services. The process has definitely taught me a lot and changed my life in many ways. 

On my YouTube channel, I create videos to help people around the world learn how to make money on fiverr. Freelancing has been such a life changing experience for me, so I decided to take my experience and lessons learned to YouTube in the hopes of helping other sellers advance through their fiverr journeys.

I decided to create this website to be another outlet for me. While on my YouTube channel the main focus is fiverr and side hustles, on this website you’ll find me writing about all of the other things I’m interested in. Things like entrepreneurship, personal development, productivity, and even some short book reviews 📚 to help people pick up their next great book!

If this is your first time visiting make sure to join the monthly 🗞 newsletter. I will be sending out an email every month highlighting notable events over the previous month, updates on things I’m working on, and anything else that might be interesting!

Chat soon,


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Every month I write an email newsletter with some of my thoughts, things I’m working on, highlights of my posts last month, and as always tips to improve on fiverr and in other side hustles! It would be awesome if you joined!

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